Porchfesting at Somerville Porch Fest 2024

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We’re excited to announce that this year, we’ll be making our inaugural appearance at the world famous Somerville Porch Fest! You can catch us around 4pm (Zone 3 or something, as I understand it?) at 18 Webster Street, Somerville MA.

It’ll likely be a less, erm, traditional Roland High Life set. Possibly some surprise covers? Maybe mess around with a few new songs? Who knows! But we’re excited to be out on the street for this one! Or the porch. Maybe yard? Whatever.

Wherever we set up, I’m confident that it will look something like this:

We’ve played a few other porch festivuses in the past, including one in Ithaca, NY, home of the original Porch Fest, plus a few dalliances at the Jamaica Plain Porch Fest (shout-out to Wenham Street Cinema!). But this will be our first time in Somerville — which we hear is a pretty big deal! Or at least it looks like a really fun street festival, anyway. Like it’s a destination; people talk about it. You might even say that Somerville Porch Fest is the stuff of legends. Maybe; or, if not you, maybe there’s someone out there who would say such a thing.

Later that week, on Thursday, May 16, we’ll also be back in Somerville for a show a show at Union Tavern with Indoor Friends and Lobo Hombre. The music starts around 8pm, should be done before 11pm, and it’s $10 at the door. Hopefully we’re not shooting ourselves in the collective foot by cramming too much into Camberville in one week, but I guess we’ll see.

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