Somerville Porch Fest 2024 Recap!

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We came. We porched. We fested. Also feasted, but not until after we played.

Despite from frozen fingers, our set for Somerville Porchfest 2024 ended up going almost two hours straight without a break. (Well, except for Chris; he ran off for a bathroom break at one point, leaving us to improvise our best stand-up comedy routine. Reviews were mixed.) Also there were people singing along! Like the knew the words! I love it when that happens.

Our friend Evan was a wonderful host, too, as we spread ourselves out across the entire front of the house. No stoop can contain us!

We also had fun throwing in some cover songs — Walker in particular wow’ed the crowd with this one:

Apparently Guster (who also played Porchfest as sort of a promotional gimmick thing) ran late that afternoon, so the start of our set was sparsely attended. By around 5:30, though — when we had two songs left — we’d assembled a crowd of around 50-60 people, which was pretty cool. So we went back to the top of the setlist and started all over again. Give the people what they want!

We’ll be back over in Somerville in just a few days on Thursday night, May 16 for a raucous night at Union Tavern with our pals Indoor Friends and Lobohombre. See ya then!

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