Wake up babe, new summer jam just dropped

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Our brand new single “Always Almost Ready” is now streaming everywhere! Obviously Bandcamp is our preferred outlet, but you can also find it wherever else you prefer to pay a pittance for songs:

Here’s how Walker describes the inspiration behind the song:

There’s one summer of my adolescence that I remember better than any of the others. It was the summer of 2002, between my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school. We had one friend with a license and a car – a Camry that we thought was the coolest car on earth because it was the top trim, with a good stereo and a moonroof – and we spent the whole summer riding around town, blasting music, smoking weed, and getting into low-grade trouble. (There are two song references in these lyrics, both of which were released in 2002: “Heavy Metal Drummer” by Wilco – an homage that admittedly borders on plagiarism — and “The Best Of Me” by the Starting Line. I didn’t check the dates as I wrote them, they’re just songs that are inextricably linked to a place and time in my brain.)

The phrase “always almost ready” has been kicking around in my head for years. As I get older I find myself wishing I could be that happy and carefree again, but I have gotten really good at finding excuses why I can’t. A list of things I want to do, but won’t because I don’t have the time, or the money, or the right person to do it with. A picture of the life I want, but can’t have until, or because, or unless. “Always almost ready” is the best way I’ve figured out how to express that feeling, and that one good summer became the foil to this feeling of self-imposed discontent.

If you need more convincing, Rock & Roll Fables called it “a catchy ass summer anthem…a cross between ’80’s Bryan Adams (Lookin’ at you, ‘Summer Of ’69’!), Weezer, and Foo Fighters, with big hooks and larger than life synth sounds.” And Dereck Blackburn of Quiethouse Recording (who mastered the song) said, “Time to get in the car, drive to the mountains or the beach and crank this song,” which is basically the same thing.

Starting this weekend, you can also hear us on rotation on The Soundlab Radio in the UK, or Rock’n’Roll Vibration on Alternativa Rock in Brazil. Plus, we’ve already gotten some nice playlist coverage, including New Indie Rock, the Miracle Playlist, Alternative Rock Vibes, and the aptly named pov : you’ve got a rockstar bf and Songs to Sing in the Car.

Or you can just listen here:

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